What is GiftSelfie™

  • Tradition and culture dictate that for happy occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc we should receive a surprise gift from our loved ones.
  • Receiving a gift is not a surprise, as we expect to receive gifts from loved ones on such occasions.
  • The surprise is what we receive as a gift and most of the time it is an unwanted item that we put in the cupboard and never look at it again!
  • Most of the time our loved ones are spending money buying unwanted gifts that we don’t want and we will never use!
  • GiftSelfie was created to overcome these traditional and cultural barriers that make loved one's waste money buying unwanted gifts that no one appreciates.
  • GiftSelfie keeps the traditional and cultural element of surprise but allows us to save our loved one's money by making sure what they buy, we will really appreciate and love.

How does GiftSelfie work

  • GiftSelfie is a discreet communication service that uses a supernatural "Gift Genie" ™ to privately SMS friends and family to share with them what gift you want without you telling them directly and maintains the element of surprise.
  • You simply create an account and tell the Gift Genie what gift you want, who you want the gift from and for what occasion and let the Gift Genie share your wishes and dreams, so the traditional and cultural barrier of surprise remains in place, as you have not directly told anyone what to buy you but you will get exactly what you want.
  • Tradition and culture also dictate what occasion we should receive a gift for but in reality, we can receive gifts anytime we want! Why not create your own occasion and get a gift when you want it rather than letting tradition dictate when you will receive gifts?
  • You see something you would really like someone to buy you as a gift. You can use GiftSelfie to create a special occasion, such as “I Love My Wife/Girlfriend Day” Then we will have the Gift Genie character privately SMS the person you want to receive the gift from and show them what you are wishing/dreaming of, it’s that simple!

Get gifts when you want!

Get the exact gifts you want!

Save your loved ones spending money on unwanted gifts!

Maintain the traditional and cultural barrier of surprise!